Barrier Services Ltd are able to undertake most types of noise abatement fencing.

Fences can be made from timber (painted or plain treated), metals such as steel or aluminium or recycled plastic. We have an exceptionally good working relationship with our timber merchants, steel fabricators and plastic extruders which, with the support of specialist designers, enables us to offer custom or bespoke fences to our clients.

We offer traditional timber noise barrier either as reflective or absorptive systems ranging from 1.2m to 4.0m in height. Both systems (reflective and absorptive) have been laboratory tested and all the panels are produced in the UK by an FSC certified and have minimum design life of 25 years.

As an alternative we offer an innovative plastic system made from 60% recycled materials (principally recycled carpets). This system is available either as a reflective or absorptive solution and has a minimum design life of 40 years, this coupled with its sustainability credentials and its resistance to permanent graffiti damage makes it an exciting system to promote.

Whatever your requirements are, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss proposals to meet your requirements.

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